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What is an OmniStop™ Security Bollard?

An OmniStop™ Security Bollard is a form of protection for pedestrians and assets. There are a range of common applications such as school zones, bus stops, outdoor dining areas, work zones, high risk terrorist areas and assets such as gas, electricity and fuel.

Why should I use an OmniStop™ Security Bollard?

OmniStop™ Security Bollards have a long history of being the most versatile and offer the most protection, at an affordable price. The OmniStop™ Security Bollards are available in three models and depending on the application and what the project is trying to achieve, one of these models will prove most suitable. For full specifications, please visit the Model pages.

What is an OmniStop™ Security Bollard made from?

The OmniStop™ Security Bollards are made from Hollow Bar (Pipe), the Ultra is Mild steel and the Super Duty is made from stronger High Tensile steel. Both of these bollards come with a steel sleeve welded to a reinforcement cage. The Portable System is made from High Tensile steel with a concrete filled base.

How do you install an OmniStop™ Bollard?

The installation process of both the OmniStop™ Ultra and Super Duty Security Bollards is very simple and straight forward. To begin, dig a hole (to specification within the product manual), then place the reo cage with sleeve into the hole and concrete the sleeve into place. The bollard can be inserted into the sleeve during the installation to ensure the bollard is plumb. Installation of the OmniStop™ Portable Security Bollard System is even easier! Simply connect each unit on the ground, then bolt them together using the connector plate and bolts.For a comprehensive guide on how to install an OmniStop™ Bollard, please visit our Model pages for full Installation instructions located within the Product Manual.

What colours are the OmniStop™ Security Bollards available in?

The OmniStop™ Security Bollard is available in any paint colour. Standard colours are usually galvanised steel, black, white, heritage green, yellow and blue. If there is a specific colour you require, please discuss with your local sales representative who can assist you further in your enquiry. Please Contact us for details.

Which OmniStop™ Security Bollard Should I install?

Firstly when considering the purchase of any Security Bollards, there are several key factors that need to be taken into account.

  1. What are you protecting?
  2. What type of soil will the bollards be installed in?
  3. Purpose of the Security Bollard?
  4. What size vehicle do you want to stop?
  5. Finish or Colour
  6. Installation
Is the product Main Roads approved?

Yes, the OmniStop™ Ultra Security Bollard can stop a 1,600kg/3300lbs car travelling at 50kmh/30mph and the OmniStop™ Super Duty Security Bollard can stop a 2,270kg/5000lbs pickup travelling at 50kmh/30mph. The OmniStop™ Portable Security Bollard System is a new product and is awaiting approval.

Is it a crash tested bollard?

Yes, the OmniStop™ Ultra Security Bollard can stop a 1,600kg/3300lbs car travelling at 50km/h/30mph. The OmniStop™ Super Duty Security Bollard and the OmniStop™ Portable Security Bollard System can stop a 2,270kg/5000lbs pickup travelling at 50km/h/30mph.

How does the bollard work compared to others?

The OmniStop™ Bollards design has been Computer Simulated and Engineered to withstand the design impacts, then has been proven by full scale crash testing. Other cheaper non-crash tested bollards may not perform as promised.

What is the maximum speed the bollard can be hit at?

The OmniStop™ Bollards have been proven through crash testing that they will perform at 50kmh/30mph speeds, however they will add some level of protect at higher speeds, results will vary depending on the vehicle weight.

What is the maximum distance from bollard to bollard?

The Product Manual gives recommendations and examples of bollard spacing, For an impact at 90 degrees to the line of bollards the recommended spacing is 1.35m/4.4ft centre to centre. If the vehicle impact angle is less than 90 degrees then the spacing can be increased.

How far back from the Kerb can the bollard be?

As far as you like, keeping in mind what you are protecting and ensuring it is not going to interfere with deflection as stated in the Product Manual on the Models page.

Can the dimensions of the footings change in anyway?

The footing dimensions are set as the minimum size, larger footings can be used with no compromise to performance.

How far does the bollard move once its hit?

This depends on the foundation used, and this information on this available in the product manual on the Model page.

Is the bollard sand blasted?

No it is not, the bollards are hot dip galvanised, then painted.

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