Super Duty Security Bollard - Omnistop Bollards

Super Duty Security Bollard

The OmniStop™ Super Duty Security Bollard can stop an errant 2270kg/5000lbs, vehicle at 50kmh/30mph, featuring a 20.5mm/.08in wall thickness and a diameter of 150mm/6in.

The OmniStop™ Super Duty Security Bollard is an easy to install and versatile bollard, that provides affordable protection and acts as a deterrent in high risk terrorist areas and protection for high density pedestrian areas.

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Why choose OmniStop™?

  • Prevents vehicles entering pedestrian areas
  • Asset Protection
  • Does not restrict pedestrian access whilst providing protection


Super Duty Options

Stainless steel option (pictured above)

Custom colours also available on request

Crash Test Video